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 Specialty cakes are available in larger sizes. Please inquire about pricing.



Chocolate Mousse Cake: (Our #1 Best Seller!)

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and dark chocolate ganache.


Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake:

Chocolate Cake, raspberry mousse filling and dark chocolate ganache.



Ladyfingers soaked in espresso layered with mascarpone mousse and shaved chocolate.


Cassata Napoletana:

Vanilla sponge cake brushed with orange syrup layered with a ricotta filling studded with chocolate chips and candied orange zest,

iced with whipped cream.


Lemon Mousse Cake with Raspberries

Lemon sponge cake brushed with raspberry puree, layered with lemon mousse, iced with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.


Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse Cake

Vanilla sponge cake brushed with strawberry puree, layered with mascarpone mousse and fresh strawberries.


Cherry Almond Torte

Almond sponge cake with mascarpone mousse, amareno cherries and toasted almonds.


Gluten Free Options:


Black Forest Cake:

Flourless chocolate sponge cake fulled with whipped cream and brandied cherries iced with dark chocolate



Trilevel Mousse Cake:
Layers of white, milk, and dark chocolate mousse on flourless chocolate sponge cake



Layers of chocolate meringue with dark chocolate mousse, iced with chocolate ganache and chocolate

meringue curls.



Alternate layers of flourless chocolate sponge cake, hazelnut meringue, dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut butter cream.


Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake:

Layers of Orange Bavarian Cream, milk chocolate mousse and flourless chocolate sponge cake with an orange glaze.


Swiss Roll:

Flourless chocolate sponge cake rolled with whipped cream and iced with dark chocolate glaze.


Specialty Cakes

We are not a nut-free or gluten free facility.

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