2020 UPDATE**Due to the current CDC regulations we have updated our Crazy Zeppole Day Rules. These are the most important.

**Please be mindful that no more than 5 people should be in the store at one time.

**If we do not adhere to current regulations we could be asked to close so do not congregate in a line out the door.

**Please try to maintain space between each customer. 6ft is the recommended distance.

**If you are with a group, please only send one person from your party to wait in line.

Our staff will be enforcing these rules to the best of our abilities. This is for your safety. The safest way to get zeppole is to order a head for pickup, now through Easter if we can continue to stay open. Thank you.

   Crazy Zeppole Day!        

 March 19th (Open 8am-6pm)

We offer many varieties:              regular  / mini

Vanilla                                             3.50 / 1.75

Ricotta                                            3.50 / 1.75

Bailey's Irish Cream                        3.50 / 1.75

Limoncello                                       3.50 / 1.75

Dulce de Zeppole (caramel)            3.50 / 1.75

"Led Zeppole" (chocolate)               3.50 / 1.75

Tirami Zeppole (tiramisu filling)       3.50 / 1.75

"Big Joe" Banana Cream                 3.50 / 1.75

Neapolitan                                        3.50 / 1.75


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